Our Featured Superhard Products

We are specialized in a big variety of superhard tools and equipment, including diamond saw blade, diamond drill, grinding wheel, diamond burr, flat lap, PCBN, CBN, PCD, diamond files, grinding paste, diamond T-Bar wheel dresser, natural bristle brushes for the wide use in lapidary, jewelry, glass, ceramic, construction, optical, wood, semiconductor, automotive industries.

Cutting Tools

Diamond Saw Blade (notched rim, ultra-thin electroplated, sintered metal bonded)

Notched rim saw blade  Notched Rim Saw Blade  Super Diamond Saw Blade Ultra-thin Kerf Electroplated Saw Blade

  SIntered Metal-bonded Saw Blade  Diamond Wire Saw


Drilling Tools

Diamond Drill and Core Drill ( Diamond drill bits, Mini diamond core drill, Sintered metal-bonded core drill, HSS twist diamond drill, Small shanked diamond core drill)

Small Diamond Drill Bits Small Diamond Core Drill Sintered Metal-bonded Diamond Core Drill . Electroplated Diamond Core DrillSmall diamond core drill  High Speed Steel Diamond Coated Twist Drill


Grinding and Polishing Tools

Diamond / CBN Grinding Wheel (plastic core, steel core)

Diamond Grinding Wheel  Diamond Grinding Wheel  Diamond Disc 

Ceramic Grinding Wheel Double Grit Diamond Disc (Flat Lap) Diamond Hone Small abrasive diamond disc


Carving Tools

Diamond Burr (20 pcs or 30 pcs assortment of various shapes and sizes)

DIamond Burr Set assortment of 30pcsDIamond Burr Set assortment of 30pcs 20pcs assortment of diamond burr set


Machining Tools

PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride), PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact), Solid CBN inserts