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Diamond Grinding Wheel with Steel Core

  • Steel core offers more grinding torque on grinding machine bearings.
  • Flat surface, #GW    Textured surface, #GWT
  • Size: 4″-10″   Grit:  60# – 3000#




Diamond T-bar Wheel Dresser

Diamond T-bar Wheel Dresser

Our diamond T-bar wheel dresser can dress your grinding wheels to perfection. With its clean, flat, sharp cutting surface, you can easily clear the wheels’s surfaces of unwanted impurities and debris.

Use it to ensure that grinding wheel runs true or restores its cutting ability after it has become glazed.


  • Overall length: 4-5/8 in,  1 3/4″ long head by 1/2″ wide, 1/2″ aluminum knurled handle
  • 36 – 50 grit diamond abrasive works quickly and leaves a smooth finish.
  • With guide bar, mounting, and handle ridges for easy grip
  • Economical but effective tool for any grinding wheel
Diamond T-bar Wheel Dresser

Diamond T-bar Wheel Dresser

Ceramic Diamond Grinding Wheel

◇We apply diamond of good quality and ceramic powder as bond, with high precious technique and process to manufacture this ceramic diamond grinding wheel.
◇They can be used for diamond process, polishing natural diamond, PCD, polycrystalline process, rough grinding, precision grinding.
◇Special specifications are subject to customers.